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AssistEdge RPA

AssistEdge RPA

AssistEdge is an “Enterprise Ready” RPA product which is helping global organizations in their automation journey and is an end-to-end offering for building and implementing RPA. It provides integrated software robots to automate any high-touch, repetitive processes. It also provides assisted automation for processes which need manual intervention. AssistEdge RPA is a market leader in the RPA space by revenue and number of bots in service and is the most stable provider with maximum enterprise implementations.

AssistEdge is the only Enterprise-Ready Holistic Automation platform which covers the entire Automation journey from Process Discovery to Attended/Un-Attended and Hybrid Automations. It’s powered by AI and ML technologies through the Infosys NIA™, a proprietary AI/ML platform.

AssistEdge helps its clients reduce their operational costs, eliminate errors and enhance agent productivity – all while achieving payback in less than 6 months. Some of the key benefits achieved by its clients include:

  • 50% reduction in turnaround times
  • 100% process accuracy
  • 70% reduction in costs
  • 30% increase in productivity
  • 98% first touch resolution

AssistEdge RPA Certification for Developers

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is one of the most sought-after skills today as it’s a market which is growing at almost 95% y-o-y. Enterprises are looking to automate their manual and repetitive business process and achieve quick ROI through cost reductions. AssistEdge is a leading RPA product in the market and already being used by over 200+ enterprise client for their automation journey. Hence, AssistEdge RPA is a key skill for a developer today and will help your career in this fast-growing space.

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