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NACD Directorship Certification™

NACD Directorship Certification™

The NACD Directorship Certification™ is designed first and foremost as a framework for continuous learning. It equips new directors with the baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to contribute to boardroom dialogue on day one. Made for directors, by directors, this credential is defining a new standard for director education in response to the convergence of a fast-moving, dynamic business environment with changing expectations for the role of the board.

Get Ready

  1. Preregister
    • Online application opening soon. Now accepting preregistrations.
  2. Determine Eligibility
    • NACD Membership: You must be a current NACD member.
    • NACD Foundation Course prerequisite: Prior to taking the certification exam, you must take NACD Director Professionalism®. If applicable, you will be prompted to register for your foundation course through the certification application process. Exceptions exist that allow candidates to bypass the NACD Director Professionalism course and go right to the exam. Learn more »
  3. Test Your Knowledge
    • See a few sample questions from the exam, as they appear in the NACD Directorship Certification Study Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions?

For information on eligibility and exam, payments and refunds, and more, visit our FAQs page.

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