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Occasionally, circumstances allow or even require exams to be delivered in non-standard environments. Some employee groups can take exams in the workplace. Some exams require specialized testing equipment. And some test-takers have limited mobility. For situations like these, specialty test centers may be an option.

Once requirements are met, exams can be delivered on military bases, in nurse aide care settings, and within correctional facilities. Learn more about the unique security, accessibility, and network requirements for these environments.

U.S. Military bases and government agencies

When you deliver exams on a U.S. Military base or in a government agency, you can support unique job requirements and career advancement opportunities. Military and government test centers can deliver our full suite of exams, including cybersecurity, finance, medical, and safety exams. Convenient testing times limit disruptions to work or training schedules. And, on-base testing is particularly beneficial to service personnel, both during their period of service and as they prepare to transition to civilian life.

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Nurse aide testing sites

Nurse aides provide critical support to patients and nurses across the U.S. Delivering nurse aide exams connects you to a growing audience of test-takers working toward professional certification. You can deliver both written and skills-based exams in two different types of test centers:

Regional Test Site
Regional Test Sites are locations available for delivering the NNAAPA written and skills exam that are open to the public.
In-Facility Test Site
In-Facility Test Sites are locations available for delivering both the NNAAPA written and skills exam to students who have successfully completed a training program offered by that facility.

Correctional facilities

Delivering exams in a correctional facility directly contributes to your community by giving inmates the opportunity to take the GED® test, which may yield future benefits. To learn more, start by completing the corrections inquiry form.

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